Taking in charge of Estate & Declaration of a Public Road

Taking in charge of Estate & Declaration of a Public Road

Section 180 of the Planning & Development Acts 2000-2010 & Section 11 of the Roads Act 1993

Monaghan County Council propose to take in charge and make a declaration of the associated estate roads, footpaths and public open spaces at Sliabh Dubh, Corduff, Carrickmacross in accordance with the relevant sections of the above Acts.

A location map of the estate and roads to be declared ‘public roads’ are available for inspection at the offices of Monaghan Council Planning Department, 1 Dublin Street, Monaghan during normal office hours, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays, for a period of one month commencing on the 06th of October 2022.  The Council will consider any objections / representations regarding the proposal which are submitted in writing to the undersigned.  Closing date for receipt of objections / representations is 5.00 p.m. on the 21st of November 2022.


Director of Services for Planning

Monaghan County Council

Glen Road, Monaghan



Dated this the 06th of October 2022