Taking in charge of Estate & Declaration of Public Roads

Monaghan County Council hereby gives notice of Emergency Closure in accordance with Section 75 of the Roads Act 1993 & Article 12 of the Roads Regulations 1994 that it will close the following road in the Municipal District of Monaghan in County Monaghan:

Date & Time:              Sunday 7th April 2024 – 9am to 19.30pm

To Facilitate:              Monaghan Rally

Roads Closed:            Sunday, 7th April 2024

Stages 1

Road Numbers:          LT-16303, LT-16201, LP-1620, LT-16202, LT-51901, LS5190, LT-11713, LT-11714, LT-51801, LT-16302, LS-5191, LT-51911, LS-5180

Starting at                  Gallanagh – Finish at Mullaghmore East

Stages 2

Road Numbers:          LT-12204, LT-12201, LT-52601, LT-52501, LS-5250, LS-5260, LS-5661, LT-52611, LT-12223, LT-52071, LS-5207, LT-12202, LT-12203, LT-52501.

Starting at                   Crowey – Finish at Dundonagh

Stages 3

Road Numbers:          LP-1120, LS-1121, LT-11211, LS-5120, LP-1110, LS-5111, LP-1121, LP-1122, LS-5130, LS-5113, LP-1134, LP-1140 LT-11402, LS-512, LS-5112.

Starting at                   Dernamuck – Derrykinnigh More


Alternative Routes:   

Diversions through these local areas is not possible – Rally Organisers to manage local access where and when possible. Any branch roads leading onto the Roads mentioned above may also be blocked at the junctions for a distance of up to 300m to ensure public safety on the closed roads.

All Detours will be signposted in order to direct the Traffic. (Local Access and Emergency Vehicles will be catered for at all times).


If you have any queries concerning this Road Closure please contact The Municipal District of Monaghan, Co. Monaghan at 047 73777 or email monaghan@monaghancoco.ie

Kevin West

A/Senior Engineer

Roads and Transportation

14th March 2024