Monaghan County Council Roads Department is responsible for the planning, design, improvement and upkeep of the road network within the county.

Work is ongoing and is contingent on funding in order to provide a safe and efficient network serving the needs of industry, agriculture, tourism and the general community located within and around the environs of the County.

There is 2,408.97 kilometres of public road in Co. Monaghan of which 107 km is national road.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland has overall responsibility for the national road network, and provides funding to the Council for the maintenance and improvement of the national roads within the county.

Non national roads are funded through the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport and from the Council’s own resources.

Conscious of the strategic location of the county linking major centres of population, and the vital importance of improving links to the benefit of the socio economic development of the area, and in conjunction with national policy, the Council in the operation of its statutory function will maintain, and construct the public road network in its administrative area to the benefit of the entire region.

Roads Department provide a number of related services i.e. road opening licences, temporary road closures, road safety, winter maintenance, traffic management, public lighting, winter maintenance and emergency situations, abnormal load permits, facility information signage, speed limits, reporting on planning applications as they relate to roads.

The Roads Department is located in the M-Tek II Building, on the N12 Monaghan to Armagh road at Knockaconny, Monaghan. Contact details: or telephone 047 30597, 30541 & 30570.

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