Your Council Day

Your Council Day

Local authorities provide hundreds of services and work hard to make great places in which to live, work and invest.

Monaghan County Council has worked with communities throughout the county to coordinate a new campaign aimed at increasing awareness about the services councils provide and making everyone aware of how they and their communities can engage with their council. 

The #YourCouncil campaign will showcase the huge range of services councils provide and their areas of responsibility.  Anybody who would like to know more about their council or local authority services is encouraged to contact their council. 

The innovative work carried out by the staff of Monaghan County Council during the Covid-19 crisis will be highlighted on #YourCouncilDay, which takes place on Wednesday, July 1.

An example of the types of initiatives to be showcased include the establishment of the Council’s Community Response Forum Food Hub to focus on providing food to vulnerable people in the county.

Funding for the food hub was provided from the Government’s Covid-19 Emergency Fund, and Teach na nDaoine Family Resource Centre in Monaghan town was assigned as the lead organisation to run it.

The Centre has a long track record of servicing people in need in the county and this was expanded to take in over a dozen smaller food groups.

Funding was also supplemented by donations and contributions from a wide range of local food suppliers, public and private sector agencies and organisations.

#YourCouncilDay will showcase what is happening on the day throughout the council and also highlight the innovation shown by local authorities in supporting the community through the lockdown.

Social media users throughout the community are also asked to post their experiences of council initiatives using the hashtag #YourCouncilDay.

Chief Executive of Monaghan County Council, Eamonn O’Sullivan said, “The current crisis has highlighted the true nature of public service in communities across the country.  Food poverty has become a significant issue during this Covid 19 pandemic and Monaghan County Council are delighted to support this positive initiative which is reaching the most vulnerable in our communities.”

Monaghan’s Community Call Helpline continues to be available.  Should you need any assistance, advice or support please call 1800 804 158, the helpline is free and is available from 9am until 5pm, 7 days a week.  You can email  Or you can text HELP followed by your name to 50555.


Pictured above: Volunteers from Teach na nDaoine Family Resource Centre deliver food parcels to residents at St Patrick’s Direct Provision Centre in Monaghan Town.


Pictured above: The Red Cross and Civil Defence in County Monaghan were key partners in carrying out deliveries as part of the Food Hub project and the Red Cross is seen here collecting parcels for delivery.