The Decade of Centenaries Programme was initiated in 2012 and complements the on-going programme of annual State commemorations. The centenaries programme is broad and inclusive, highlighting the economic and social conditions of the period, the shifts in cultural norms and the experience of the Irish abroad. For more information on the national programme go to

2012 – 2023 Programme

The aim of the State centenary commemoration programme for the years from 2021 – 2023 is to ensure that this complex period in our history, including the Struggle for Independence, the Civil War, the Foundation of the State and Partition, is remembered appropriately, proportionately, respectfully and with sensitivity.

A specific key objective of the initiative is to promote a deeper understanding of the significant events that took place during this period and recognise that the shared historical experience of those years gave rise to very different narratives and memories. Here are some of the key highlights for 2021

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Decade Of Centenaries Programme 2022 Monaghan

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County Monaghan Programme

Since 2013, Monaghan County Council through the Library and Museum services have been delivering a diverse programming of engagement, from our One Book One County annual project where we are reading a book relating to that particular period in Irish history, to researching and discovering the poets and writers of this revolutionary period, Autumn lecture series, or bringing to life through digital animation key events of Monaghan history of 100 years ago, to the many research projects working with academics, local historians and creative practitioners leading to the award winning exhibitions in our County Museum.  We work with many local, regional and national partners and for 2021-2023 we will be engaging on a key multi-disciplinary collaborative project including cross border partners in bringing to life our project ‘Bordering Realities’ through exhibitions and events in 2023 at new home of The Peace Campus in Monaghan town for the County Museum and Monaghan branch library.

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Office of the Cathaoirleach Writing Competition

As we come to the latter stage of the period known as the decade of commemorations, Monaghan County Council through the Office of the Cathaoirleach of Monaghan County Council and the it’s Library and Museum services, invites children and young people to research and write about this period in time for County Monaghan. This competition intends to compliment the history curriculum in primary and secondary schools. We hope it can promote the learning of our history by students particularly in the context of County Monaghan.

There are 3 competitions:

– 6th Class primary school

– Junior Cycle Secondary school

– Senior Cycle Secondary School

Senior cycle Competition


1921 – The Monaghan Perspective Podcast

1921  was a remarkable year for Ireland, but what were the people of Co. Monaghan reading about at the time.  Was the news from Dublin reaching them or were local opinions and events the topic of the day.  Conal McCrudden from Monaghan County Libraries and Michael Fisher from The Northern Standard have trawled through the local Newspaper archives to find out…..

Experiences of Border Minority Communities – A Historical Perspective

We were delighted to host a very special Online Conference as part of our Decade of Centenaries programme.   The conference was streamed live on the Museum Facebook page and can be viewed here.   You can also stream on You Tube if preferred:

Experiences Of Border Minority Communities Historical Perspectives Programme Outline

See also the County Museum page for some online exhibitions

Decade of Centenaries programme 2021

Decade Of Centenaries 2021 Programme

Decade Of Commemorations 2020 Programme 

You can also read the publication produced by Monaghan County Museum below as part of the programme or download through the following link: Monaghan’s WofI Complete Book

Monaghan County Council have been developing and delivering a range of programmes and activities over the past number of years.  To discover what has been happening in previous years please click below to view past projects.

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