How To Join Your Local Library in County Monaghan

Simply fill in a membership application card at any branch library

Adults, Pensioners & 3rd Level Students must produce 2 forms of identification:

One must be a recent proof of name & permanent address e.g. utility bill, bank statement (no hand-written letters are accepted).
The second form of identification required is photo ID such as ID card, Drivers Licence, passport etc.

Adults have FREE membership that must be updated annually.

Free membership for children, 2nd level students, 3rd level students and pensioners.

Parental consent is required for juvenile users.

What Can I Borrow?

Adults/Pensioners/3rd Level Students, Juveniles/2nd Level Students – Up to 12 items may be borrowed per library card

Loan period for books, music cd’s, magazines, talking books is 3 weeks.
Loan period for DVD’s is 1 week.

***Please Note: Monaghan Libraries no longer charge overdue fines but membership may be suspended if items are not returned within a reasonable time

Damage/ Loss of Items:
Damage or loss of library books etc must be reported and paid for or replaced.

Types of Materials Available to Borrow

Juvenile Library

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Books on tape/cd/mp3
  • Remedial material
  • Music CD’s
  • DVD’s
  • Magazines

Adult Library

    • Fiction
    • Non-Fiction
    • Books on tape/cd/mp3
    • Magazines
    • Music CD’s
    • Large Print
    • DVD’s
    • Remedial

What Reference & Other Information Resources Are Available?

      • Reference Section – Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries (English & Foreign languages), Law booksMaps etc.
      • Newspapers – Daily newspapers & local newspaper Northern Standard
      • Information Leaflets & booklets
      • County Council Reports
      • Various Government departments’ reports
      • Freedom of Information literature
      • Driving Licence renewal forms
      • 3rd Level Education prospectus
      • Passport Application Forms

How To Find Materials in the Library?

Juvenile Library:

Juvenile Fiction – Colour Coded Classification

      • Irish (Books in the Irish Language) – Purple Sticker
      • Early Years/0-4 years – Orange Sticker
      • 4 – 7 years – Yellow Sticker
      • 7 – 9 years – Green Sticker
      • 10 – 14 years – Blue Sticker
      • Young adult – Red Sticker

Juvenile Non-Fiction – Subject Classification

The Juvenile Non-Fiction Section is divided into 24 sections, which are:

      • AGR (Agriculture) – Domestic Farm Animals, Pets, Plants, Crops, Resources, Food, Gardening.
      • ART – Art History, Artists, Lives of Artists, Sculpture.
      • BIO (Biographies) – Lives of Famous People.
      • CAR (Careers/Jobs) – Careers, Jobs, Work Practice.
      • COM (Computers) – Computers, Information Science, Communications.
      • ENV (Environment) – Environment, Greenhouse Effect, Ozone Layer, Save Our Planet, Pollution.
      • FOL (Folklore) – Legends, Traditions, Fairies, Costumes, Feasts.
      • GEN (General) – General Knowledge, Quiz Books, Facts.
      • GEO (Geography) – Countries, Travel, Exploration, Physical Geography – Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Glaciers, Weather.
      • HIS (History) – Ancient and Modern History, Archaeology.
      • HOB (Hobbies) – Crafts, Sewing, Collections, Cooking, Drawing, Painting, Games, Dressing Up, Film.
      • IRE (Ireland) – All Subjects of Irish Interest.
      • LAN (Languages) – All Languages.
      • LIT (Literature) – Poems, Plays, Riddles, Humour.
      • MED (Medicine) – Body Health, Diseases, Hygiene.
      • MUS (Music) – Musicians, Pop stars, Playing an Instrument, Books of Songs.
      • NAT (Nature) – Biology, Light Sciences, Animals, Insects, Dinosaurs, Ecology, Evolution, Fossils.
      • REL (Religion) – The Bible, Bible Stories, Christianity, Other Religions.
      • SCI (Science) – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Non-Biological Sciences.
      • SOC (Social) – Organisations, Associations, Social Culture, Money, Economics, Divorce, Adoption, Fashion, Make-Up.
      • SPA (Space) – Stars, Planets, Space Vehicles, Shuttles, Astronauts, UFOs.
      • SPO (Sport) – Sports, Soccer, Rugby, GAA, Tennis, Horse Riding, All Other Sports.
      • TEC (Technology) – Vehicles, Building, Bridges, Boats, Transport, Machinery, Energy, Inventions,
      • Material Production.

Adult Library –

Adult fiction is arranged alphabetically by the author’s surname and divided into two sections – Hardback & Paperback.

The adult non-fiction section is arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System, as such:

000’s – General
Library & Information Science
Personal Administration
News media
Manuscripts & Rare Books

100’s – Philosophy & Psychology
Paranormal Phenomena
Parapsychology & Occultism
Dreams & mysteries

200’s – Religion

300’s – Social Sciences
Public Administration
Military Science
Social Services

400’s – Languages

500’s – Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Life Sciences
Botanical Sciences

600’s – Technology (applied sciences)
Human Physiology
Medical Science
Animal Husbandry
Food & Drink
Management & Business

700’s – The Arts
Arts & Crafts
Recreational & Performing Arts
TV/Film Personalities

800’s – Literature & Rhetoric
Books in Irish Language

900’s – Geography & History
Historical Geography

Requesting Books etc from your Library

First: Check our online library catalogue to see if the item is in our stock or ask a member of staff in your local library.

Second: If item not listed in our stock, then fill out a Request Card in your local library. Please give as much details of the item requested i.e. Author, Title, ISBN, Publisher, Year.

Third: Always let the branch staff know when you need the item(s) i.e. for exams, school/college coursework.

If and when requested materials arrive, the branch staff will then contact you, provided contact details are given on the request card.

Internet Services

Monaghan County Library Services offer Free Internet Access at each branch library.

How to Use the Internet:
1. First you need to be a member of the library – so simply fill in the appropriate membership form.
2. Each member is allowed up to 45 minutes per day.
3. Printing from the Internet is available – 20c per black & white copy or €1.00 per colour copy.
4. You must bring your membership card with you every time you want to use the Internet.
5. You will need to know your PIN number, which you can get from staff at the Issue desk.
6. Visitors to the county can avail of a Visitor Card – please ask staff at the Issue Desk.

Internet Access & Use of Internet Computers Policy

      1. Internet Access is Free to all current Library Members – if you are not already a member, just ask a member of staff at the Issue Desk.
      2. Visitors to the County may avail of the service on presentation of valid I.D. Visitors cannot pre-book an Internet Session – they will be put on standby for next available computer.
      3. Users must book at the Library Issue Desk or by telephone during Library Opening Hours.
      4. Users must present their library card at the Issue desk to book a session and to also commence their session.
      5. Users must present themselves at the Library Issue desk at their allocated time to be informed of which computer has been assigned to them.
      6. Each user is allowed one session per day – a session being 45 minutes.
      7. Bookings may only be made one day in advance.
      8. Bookings, which are not taken up within 10 minutes of the starting time, will be forfeited and the session will be made available to other users.
      9. Users who repeatedly fail to attend for booked sessions cannot be guaranteed future bookings.
      10. Bookings are not transferable to another person.
      11. Users will receive a 5 minute warning before the system is automatically logged off.
      12. Children & Young Persons under the age of 16 must get parental consent before using the Internet Service for the first time. This form must be signed by a parent/guardian in the presence of a member of Library Staff.
      13. Parents please note that responsibility for user of the Internet by your child rests solely with you. Children who use the Internet unsupervised maybe exposed to inappropriate or disturbing information or images. It is not possible for Library Staff to control what children may encounter.
      14. The role of the Library is to facilitate Internet access. Staff are not available to provide Internet training.
      15. Printing from the Internet is available. A Black & White printout costs 20 cents per page & a colour printout costs €1.00 per page. All monies must be paid at Issue desk before Library Staff authorises printing.
      16. Email may be sent and received using web-based mail only.
      17. Borrowers may not give their library card for use to another person.
      18. The Library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time.
      19. Monaghan County Library Service has no control over the information accessed and cannot be held responsible for the content or quality of the information retrieved.
      20. The downloading of software is not permitted.
      21. Users are requested not to modify computer settings, shut down or reboot the computer. If you have a problem, consult a member of staff.
      22. Users are not permitted to access or attempt to access any material that is likely to be considered offensive, unlawful or of a pornographic nature.
      23. Use of chatrooms is not permitted to users under the age of 18.
      24. Internet usage will be monitored.
      25. Users are requested not to obstruct the work of other library users.
      26. The Library reserves the right to restrict Internet access for research and information retrieval purposes only.
      27. Please remember that the Internet service may occasionally be unavailable due to technical or other reasons beyond the control of the Library staff.
      28. A maximum of 2 persons only is permitted at any Internet point.
      29. Users are requested to accept these rules of use. Users who fail to observe these rules will be denied access to Internet facilities.
      30. Monaghan County Library Services reserves the right to amend or alter from time to time any rules governing the use of Internet in its libraries
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What newspapers are available to read at the library?

The following are available in the following branches:
Monaghan – The Irish Times
Clones – The Irish Independent
Carrickmacross – The Irish Times
Castleblayney – The Irish Independent

Copies of the Northern Standard are available at each library every week and older copies are available on Microfilm in Clones Library, dating back to 1839 (please telephone 047 – 74712 to book the microfilm reader in advance)