Europe Direct Information Centre – Clones

We are delighted to announce that Clones Library we will be home to the Europe Direct Information Centre, (EDIC), for the Cavan/Monaghan/Louth region 2018-2021.

EDIC’s give information, advice assistance and answers to questions about the EU and in particular about the rights of EU citizens, the EU’s priorities, legislations, policies, programmes and funding opportunities.

You can email us at or contact us via Facebook (Please give our Facebook page a like for updated EU information).


What services are provided at the Europe Direct Centre in Clones Library?

  • A selection of free EU publications and brochures covering a wide range of EU related topics.
  • Free public computers to search for specific information about EU related matters.
  • Free public telephone where you can call the Europe Direct Citizen’s Helpline with queries on any aspect of the EU that are of interest to you: 0080067891011.

We deal with a variety of queries at the Europe Direct Information Centre.  Some examples of typical requests for information include the following:

  • Enquiries about how to obtain an EU Passport.
  • Information about legal matters relating to EU legislation.
  • Requests for information on setting up a business in the EU.
  • Information about citizen and consumer rights in the EU.
  • Requests for general documentation on the workings of the EU and its institutions
  • What to do if your flight gets cancelled.
  • The implication of the GDPR legislation.

Upcoming Events:

The Europe Direct Information Centre in Clones are excited to announce the topic for our 2020 Soapbox:
“Everyone wants to go back to the pre-Covid way of life”
You can argue in favour or against the motion, with marks awarded for content, delivery, structure and overall impact.

Submit your three minute entry video to us by email to by November 18th to be part of the regional heats, and be in with a chance to win a spot in the national final in December!
A regional winner in under 18 and over 19 age categories will be announced and entered into the national prize.


The Europe Direct Soapbox is a public speaking competition that is taking place throughout November. You have three minutes to speak and convince the judges in favour, or against, the motion!
Regional winners will receive an iPad mini and then go on to compete in the national final, with a grand prize of €1,000 for the winners of each category!
The term ‘soapbox’ originates in the use of an empty crate as a platform by speakers to give speeches, often impromptu, to passers-by from around the turn of the last century. The most famous location for soapbox oratory is Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London, which has been a setting for public speaking since the 1870s.

Contact with any queries.