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What we read at Storytime this week

What We Have Been Reading At Storytime

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Patrick Benson and published by Walker books Ltd.

This lovely, classic story is about three baby owls, Percy, Sarah, and Bill. They wake up in their nest to find their mother gone. They wonder and worry at her absence, seeking reassurance in each other. When their mother returns, they welcome her with joy. She reminds them that she always returns. This book is a good pick for children who may be anxious when separated from a loved one, children can relate to the baby owls’ emotions in their mother’s absence but also the reminder that she always returns. For our story time we used finger and hand puppets to further engage the children with the story.

Neon Leon By Jane Clarke, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup and published Nosy crow Ltd.

This interactive story is about Leon, a neon coloured Chameleon who is unable to change his colour, he is so bright he keeps the other chameleons awake at night. The story follows him on his search for a place he can fit in. This book encourages lots of participation, children are encouraged to guess the colours the chameleons will change to in different terrains, encourage Leon, count to ten, and clap their hands.

I say Ooh you say Aah by John Kane, published by Templar books

This interactive, brightly coloured picture book had the children and adults laughing out loud. It is about a Donkey named Ooh searching for his underpants. The story asks for lots of audience participation which is what our story time is all about. We had to say AAH anytime the book said OOH, pat our heads when we seen the coloured red, say our name when we seen a cloud and shout UNDERPANTS! Anytime we seen an Ant. Being the first time we read the stories a serious of prompts were used but we soon got into the swing of the story. The story results in our donkey Ooh wearing frilly pink underpants with yellow spots on his head, causing a lot of laughs.


Storytime takes place 11am every Friday at Monaghan town library.