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What we Read at Storytime this week

What We read at Storytime this Week

Sway like an Octopus – Nicole LeRue

This Book is a great book for getting the ‘wiggles’ out, the children got to mimic the movements of different animals. we wagged our tails as puppies, Jumped like kangaroos and sway like an octopus. we followed up by making our own octopuses using a paper plate, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. in Threading the pipe cleaner through the holes the children practiced their fine motor skills.

Pete the cat and his Four Groovy Buttons – Eric Litwin

This story is about keeping a positive attitude no matter what happens it also introduces counting and simple subtraction. we counted down with Pete as he lost his buttons, using a printed of Pete with Velcro buttons the children were invited to take a button off Pete during the story. we finished by pointing out our belly buttons.

Tap the Magic tree – Christie Matheson

This Interactive book encourages the children to get involved and learn about the seasons and cycles of a tree. we had to rub the tree to warm it up, blow a breeze to blow the leaves away and shake the tree to get some apples. we followed up by decorating trees with leaves of different colours and apples.


Storytime takes place every Friday at 11am at Monaghan town library join us for stories, songs and crafts no booking necessary