Bathing Waters are an important amenity, valuable for both their tourism and recreational potential. It is important that they are afforded the appropriate protections in accordance with legislation, including the European Union’s Bathing Waters Directive. The Directive requires that water quality at all designated bathing waters meets stringent microbiological standards in order to protect the health of people who choose to bathe there.

County Monaghan does not have any designated bathing waters but we do monitor areas that are frequently used for bathing. The current quality of some of these areas can be found in the latest EPA Bathing Water Report.

Monaghan County Council Monitoring

Monaghan County Council will take samples on a monthly basis from June to September at the following amenity and recreation locations:

  • Lough Muckno
  • Lough Muckno  Water Sports Area 
  • Greaghglone Lake 
  • Creevy Lake  
  • Emy Lough
  • Hollywood Lake
  • Halton’s River (Dromore Lake System) 
  • Gortawinnmey Lake


The amenity and recreation sites listed above shall be assessed for compliance with the water quality standards specified in the 2008 Bathing Water Regulations, using the two microbiological parameters, Intestinal enterococci and Escherichia coli (e-coli). Samples will be taken and analysed by our contracted laboratory. It takes -3-4 days for the results of sampling to be completed and returned by the lab. The planned monitoring is aimed at providing an overall assessment of water quality and there is no absolute guarantee that on the day you choose to visit there may not be a problem. Water quality can vary significantly during the day, and from day to day, due e.g. to the influences of rain or sunshine and also the number of bathers using the water at any time. Bathing water quality is however at its most vulnerable after heavy rainfall, or in stormy conditions, which may give rise to higher bacterial counts than normal.

In the event of the detection of a Poor Quality Result. The council will:

  1. Erect a notice at the site advising not to swim
  2. Put the results on its website and
  3. Arrange for a further sample to be taken.

Whilst sampling the presence of algal blooms may be recorded by the sampler. In this event Monaghan County Council will erect a notice at the site.

Results 2023

Monitoring Results September 2023

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Monitoring Results August 2023

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Results 2022

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