Waste Prevention is the most desirable form of waste management – if you do not create the waste in the first place you do not have to deal with it

Monaghan County Council is a member of the Local Authority Waste Prevention Network which is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency through the National Waste Prevention Programme.

Waste Prevention Projects delivered in County Monaghan:

Waste Prevention in the Health Sector as part of Green HealthCare Project funded by the EPA

Waste Prevention in Farming Sector. Click to download a copy of “Farming the Environment”

Waste Prevention in Hospitality Sector. Click to download a copy of “Calling Time on Waste”

Waste Prevention in Schools. For more information on this see our  Green Schools Projects

Food Waste Prevention. Monaghan County Council fully supports www.stopfoodwaste.ie

To download a report on waste prevention activities in County Monaghan click on a copy of Working together to prevent waste in County Monaghan (PDF)

Click to find out more information on Local Authority Prevention Network