Litter Management

‌The Litter Pollution Act 1997 – 2003 gives extensive powers to deal with litter

What is litter?
Litter is defined as:
“a substance or object that, when deposited in a place other than a litter receptacle, is likely to become unsightly, deleterious, nauseous or unsanitary.”

The definition of litter therefore is quite wide and includes graffiti, fly-tipping, domestic refuse placed in local authority litter receptacles, casual pieces of paper or cigarette ends and anything else large or small which is or is likely to become unsightly.

On the Spot Fine
Leaving or throwing litter in a public place or in any place that is visible from a public place is an offence which can be subject to an on-the-spot fine of €150 or a maximum fine of €3000 in court.

Litter Management Plan 2021-2023

A three year Litter Management Plan in relation to the measures being under taken by Monaghan County Council, with the assistance of community and voluntary groups, schools, businesses, retailers and all citizens of County Monaghan was adopted by Monaghan County Council at their October monthly meeting.

You can download a copy of the plan here:

Final Litter Management Plan Adopted 11th October 2021

Tá cóip den Phlean le fáil as Gaeilge anseo:

Final Plean Bruscair 2021 2023 October 2021

Litter and the Law
The litter laws have increased the powers of Local Authorities to combat the problem of illegal dumping of refuse and rubbish. The Environment section of Monaghan County Council has a dedicated team of staff who deal with all aspects of the enforcement of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 – 2003 and the Waste Management Act 1996 as amended.

This includes:
– Patroling selected areas checking for the presence of litter or illegally dumped waste
– Anti litter awareness raising initiatives
– Use of CCTV at Bring Centre sites

How to make a Litter Complaint
If you would like to report littering / illegal dumping please contact the Environmental services’ confidential Freephone 1800 2000 14 or email with exact details of location of litter or illegal dumping

Monaghan Local Authorities – Working Towards a Litter Free Environment
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