Monaghan County Council would like to bring to the attention of all dog owners, their responsibilities under the law:

  • All dog owners must keep their dogs under effectual control at all times
  • All dog owners must have a licence for each dog in their possession or a general dog licence to cover all dogs in their possession
  • All dog owners must ensure that every dog under their control shall at all times wear a collar bearing the name and address of the owner and that the name and address are legible
  • All dog owners owning purebred or crossbred dogs belonging to the breeds listed below must ensure that these dogs are securely muzzled and on a strong leash not more than 2 metres in length when in a public place:
    • American Pit Bull Terrier
    • Bandog
    • Bull Mastiff
    • Doberman Pinscher
    • English Bull Terrier
    • German Shepherd ( Alsatian)
    • ┬áJapanese Akita
    • Japanese Tosa
    • Rhodesian Ridgeback
    • Rottweiler
    • Staffordshire Bull Terrier


  • Any person who finds and takes possession of a stray dog must:
    (a) Return the dog to its owner
    (b) Deliver the dog to a Dog Warden
    (c) Detain the dog and give notice in writing containing a description of the dog, the address where it was found and the address of the place where it is detained to the member in charge at the nearest Garda Station to the place where the dog was found, or to the Dog Warden.


These provisions have been put in place because all dogs represent a potential
danger to pedestrians, motorists and livestock if they are not kept under control at all times. All dog owners have a responsibility to ensure that their dog is properly cared for and that they are not a nuisance or a danger to their neighbours or other members of the public.