Built Heritage

Built Heritage

Our built heritage is an irreplaceable record which contributes to our understanding of both the present and the past. It is ours to enjoy, to enhance and to hand on to future generations.
There are many fine buildings in Co. Monaghan, ranging from grand country houses and churches to the everyday buildings within our towns and villages. These architectural and historical features are all significant sources of information about our past and form landmarks in our present surroundings creating areas of local character and distinctiveness.

Part IV of The Planning and Development Act 2000 deals with Architectural Heritage and each planning authority has a duty to protect structures or parts of such structures, which are of special interest. This is done by compiling and maintaining a Record of Protected Structures (RPS) for the area.

For queries relating to the RPS for Co. Monaghan please contact Toirleach Gourley at tgourley@monaghancoco.ie or builtheritage@monaghancoco.ie

Re: Development Management – Planning Officers are Ben Clerkin for Monaghan MD (bclerkin@monaghancoco.ie), Helen McCourt for Carrickmacross – Castleblayney MD (hmccourt@monaghancoco.ie) and Aisling King McKenna for Ballybay – Clones MD (amckenna3@monaghancoco.ie)

Re: Enforcement – Darragh McAdam (dmcadam@monaghancoco.ie)

Re: Section 57 Declarations (RPS exempted development) and heritage grant schemes – Toirleach Gourley (tgourley@monaghancoco.ie)

For more information contact:

Toirleach Gourley
Monaghan County Council
Planning Offices
1 Dublin Street
H18 X982

Telephone: 047 30532
Co Monaghan.


Email: tgourley@monaghancoco.ie or builtheritage@monaghancoco.ie


Announcement of Historic Structures Fund and Built Heritage Investment Schemes for 2022