The Dept of Transport, Tourism & Sport (DTTAS) has committed to reducing the amount of journeys made by unsustainable modes of transportation (such as private motor cars). It is proposing to do this by supporting people to shift out of the car and onto more sustainable modes of transportation such as public transport, bikes and walking.

While it may not be possible for all journeys, perhaps you could leave the car at home for at least some shorter journeys. The Dept’s Smarter Travel programme aims to encourage you to think about how you’re travelling and make smarter choices where you can.

The Active Travel Towns initiative is part of the Dept’s Smarter Travel programme. The Dept has teamed up with local authorities across the country to support a number of towns to put the infrastructure in place to encourage more cycling and walking. The programme also funds ‘soft’ supports to incentivise people to change their habits and make the shift out of the car.

Monaghan Town and Castleblayney have taken up the challenge, and are on their way to becoming Active Travel Towns. You can find out more about what is planned at the dedicated website,