Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP) 2024-2028

The Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) 2024 -2028 is co-funded by the Irish Government, through the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD), and the European Union through the European Social Fund plus under the Employment, Inclusion, Skills and Training (EIST) Programme 2021 – 2027.

In County Monaghan, the programme is managed by the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) with support from Monaghan County Council and actions are delivered by the Programme Implementer, Monaghan Integrated Development CLG (MID).

The Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) 2024 -2028 provides funding to tackle poverty and social inclusion at a local level through local engagement and partnerships between disadvantaged individuals, community organisations and public sector agencies. SICAP 2024 -2028 is the successor programme to SICAP 2018-2023, which was the successor to SICAP 2015-2017.

SICAP is a targeted, holistic programme for those who are most disadvantaged and less likely to access mainstream services, which provides supports directly to beneficiaries and links them into existing services. Programme Implementers (PIs) engage with marginalised communities and service providers using a community development approach to address issues relating to social exclusion and inequality.

It is a multi-faceted programme that provides supports to respond to individual and community needs, aiming to ensure that beneficiaries receive quality, tailored supports, while also allowing flexibility to adapt actions to local need. SICAP operates within the framework of a national programme which provides targets, performance indicators and requirements.

Programme Structure

The programme is structed over two Goals:

Goal 1: Contribute to Building more Sustainable, Inclusive and Empowered Communities: Empower groups of individuals, local community groups, networks, and social enterprises to address collective community needs. To support communities and target groups to engage with relevant stakeholders in identifying and addressing social exclusion and equality issues, developing the capacity of Local Community Groups, and creating more sustainable communities.

Goal 2: Empower Disadvantaged people to improve the quality of their lives: Support disadvantaged individuals, children, and families to progress their formal education and participate in lifelong learning, to progress into employment/self-employment, and to improve their soft skills and wellbeing.


12 SICAP Target Groups are supported across both Goals.

Target Group List

  1. People living in disadvantaged communities.
  2. People impacted by educational disadvantage.
  3. People living in jobless households or households where the primary income source is low-paid and/or precarious.
  4. People who are long term unemployed.
  5. People with a criminal history.
  6.  Refugees
  7. International Protection Applicants.
  8. Disabled People/People with Disabilities.
  9. Heads of One-parent families.
  10.  Travellers
  11.  Roma
  12. Island residents.


Further information on SICAP 2024-2028 can be obtained by contacting Monaghan Integrated Development (MID) at 04297 – 49500 or from Pobal at