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Monaghan Age FriendlyExplore the Traditions Associated with Brigid

Time to explore some of the traditions associated with Brigid.

Age & Opportunity and Age Friendly Ireland are inviting Older People to take part in a series of inter-county events at the end of September, finishing off the event with a pageant to commemorate Samhain.

We will explore the traditions associated with Brigid through poetry, craft –making, myth and ceremony.

We will be exploring Celtic wisdoms, stories, poems and folklore while linking natural world learnings to the elements of fire, earth, air and water plus heritage sites.

We will be filming the final ceremony so that we can broadcast it on Brigid’s Day in 2023.

No expertise needed, come and have fun with artist Marie Brett, joint workshops for Cavan/ Monaghan will take place in:

  • Errigal Hotel, Cootehill, Co. Cavan- September 27th (Participants from Cavan and Monaghan).


For further information or registration please contact:

Barry Eaton, Age Friendly Programme Manager (Monaghan),

Dementia Awareness

Monaghan Age Friendly Alliance and Drumkill Daycare Centre came together to develop information that would assist people in county Monaghan who are living with dementia and their carers.

You will find the Monaghan Dementia Awareness Booklet gives information on signs and myths of dementia and where supports can be accessed in county Monaghan if you are concerned about you or a family member or friend.

There is information also on supports available from the county Monaghan Branch of Alzheimer’s society of Ireland:

County Monaghan Branch Alzheimer’s Leaflet

There is also a guide for customer service staff on how to support customers with dementia:

How to Help People with Dementia

Monaghan County Council Age Friendly county programme aims to make Monaghan a better place in which to grow old through the delivery of Monaghan Age Friendly strategy.   The actions within Monaghan Age Friendly strategy were identified through an in depth consultation process with the older people of County Monaghan.   Access to information and services was one of the key issues raised by older people in Monaghan.   Many older people highlighted the barriers, difficulties and challenges they experience daily when trying to access services or information or supports of Monaghan County council and other public services.   Many of these difficulties arise from a lack of awareness of the older customer.   We are keen to bring the concerns of the older people of Monaghan to the wider community in relation to accessing services and information.   We hope the tips and information contained in this booklet will help you understand a little better the difficulties some people have when trying to access information on services.

Monaghan Age Friendly Guide to Communication

Monaghan Age Friendly Business Programme a leading light in the House of Lords

Monaghan Age Friendly Business Programme has received huge praise from the UK Centre for Ageing based in the House of Lords at Westminster in London. Bernie Bradley, Age Friendly Programme Manager for Monaghan County Council, was recently invited by Lord Geoffrey Filkin to speak at a Conference on Ageing in the House of Lords Westminster.

In preparation for their conference on “Our Ageing Society – Challenges or Opportunities for Business and older consumers”. The Centre for Ageing in the House of Lords were doing some research into age friendly business ideas and came across the work of Monaghan Age Friendly Business Programme on various social media platforms.

Dave Smith, from South East England Forum on Ageing said “We were hugely impressed by the work being done in Monaghan and especially the innovation and leadership from the business community. We were really keen to Monaghan Age Friendly Business Programme address our conference.

Monaghan Age Friendly Programme Coordinator, addressed the conference in the House of Lords on Monday 20th March showcasing some of the innovative work happening in Monaghan in the Age Friendly Programme. Bernie presented the conference with information on and Monaghan Age Friendly Business Programme and Monaghan Age Friendly Guide to Communication. The Age Friendly Business Programme, which is operating in every town in County Monaghan supports businesses to make small changes which makes is easier for older people to do business with them. Work is already underway in the Centre for ageing to replicate the Monaghan Age Friendly Business Programme model across the UK.

Lord Geoffrey Filkin who leads up the House of Lords Centre on Ageing will now bring Monaghan’s Age Friendly Communication policy, Monaghan Age Friendly Business Model to the Cross Party parliamentary party on Ageing for inclusion in their programme of work. Members of the Centre for ageing staff would also like to visit us here in Monaghan later in the year to learn more about the success of Monaghan Age Friendly Business Programme.

Pictured is Bernie Bradley Monaghan County Council and Lord Geoffrey Filkin in the House of Lords Westminster on Monday.