A novel green accreditation scheme, the first of its kind, launches for Monaghan businesses.

Small and micro businesses in Monaghan are the first in the country to avail of the ESGo digital tool which provides for independent validation of green credentials.

Described as “a game changer” by the Local Enterprise Office in Monaghan, securing validation will allow them access benefits that up to now have been out of reach.

“There are many businesses in Monaghan who have not had access to a mechanism that both recognises and validates the steps they have already taken to be more sustainable,” explained Eilín Connolly, Acting Head of Enterprise, Local Enterprise Office, Monaghan.

ESGo [pronounced Easy Go] is an easy to use digital tool that will assist businesses in tracking and managing their responsible Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) journey.

“I am particularly delighted that this is available free of charge after the Local Enterprise Office in Monaghan secured the pilot for the county,” she added.

ESGo had its genesis in Monaghan Local Enterprise Office’s Go Green programme which supports local businesses as they transition to low carbon entities.

“Until now there has not been an intuitive, ease to use system that micro and small businesses can use to get an accreditation.”

“There are ISO environmental standards suitable for large firms but they are too complicated for the micro firm. This simplified platform will give them the confidence to undertake responsible actions in pursuit of ESG goals and will give them an all-important accreditation for their efforts,” she explained.

“This has several benefits for our local entrepreneurs and employers. They not only contribute to environmental sustainability, but it can also have positive effects on the business’s bottom line and reputation. I think it could be a gamechanger.”

The work began with a feasibility study last year and that research identified a gap in the market in assessing social impacts and governance structures.

The outcome is the easy-to-use ESGo platform for smaller businesses who will be audited and a credential then issued by ‘Climeaction’ – experts in this area.

Monaghan Local Enterprise Office worked with Cork based ‘Climeaction’ as it specialises in providing climate action solutions for business including decarbonisation to develop the platform.

The company will also audit the businesses, provide a roadmap for increased compliance and then issue the appropriate validation.

Robert Burns, Chief Executive Officer, Monaghan County Council, said,

“We are delighted to have secured the pilot programme for the county; it will enable businesses to build on work already undertaken to improve their carbon footprint.

Climeaction said, “ESGo is a simplified approach to increase engagement with SME companies in ESG and provide them with value by way of an advisory report from a trusted impartial source.”

Among those leading the way in hospitality is Sean Redmond, head chef with Andy’s Bar & Restaurant where energy costs dropped by a remarkable 11% by measuring and monitoring energy usage – a saving of €2,724.  With ESGo he can seek secure independent validation of his commitment to going green and staying green.

More information for businesses is available by contacting info@leo.monaghancoco.ie

Monaghan’s Biodiversity Conference – Save the date : Saturday 18th November

For the first time ever, Monaghan County Council are launching a Biodiversity Conference for the county. Hosted by Biodiversity Officer, Dr. Patricia McCreesh, the event is a showcase of Monaghan’s nature and environment – come and hear about local projects and local issues from local speakers and find out how you can get involved in your local community! We will hear about the wonderful wetlands of Monaghan, the rewilding of our towns and villages, our work for pollinators and ongoing projects in Monaghan.

We will be launching our ‘Swift Report’ on the current state of swift populations in the county and there will be opportunities for you to contribute your thoughts and ideas for protecting and enhancing nature in Monaghan.  All washed down with some morning refreshments and a light lunch – come along and be part of the discussion, your voice needs to be heard!  Free to attend and all welcome.

Monaghan Social Inclusion Week 2023

Monaghan Social Inclusion Week 2023 takes place from Monday 13th November to Sunday 19th November. The initiative was officially launched by Cathaoirleach Councillor David Maxwell at the Monaghan Migrant Support Centre, which is located at the YWCA, North Road, Monaghan. It follows on from a very successful programme of events in 2022 and this year’s programme sees an increased and wider programme of events.

The initiative is being organised by the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) Equality Subgroup which is made up of representatives of the key service providers in Monaghan. Social Inclusion Week is an educational and insightful week which provides opportunities for service providers, community groups and educators from across the county to showcase the great work which they undertake in our communities. Local community groups were invited to take part in Social Inclusion Week 2023 with an advertising campaign inviting them to submit their events to be included in the Programme of Events.

Speaking at the launch of Monaghan Social Inclusion Week 2023, An Cathaoirleach, Councillor David Maxwell said “I am delighted to launch Monaghan Social Inclusion Week 2023 which is an initiative which aims to promote inclusion and integration, as well as devising new and exciting ways to ensure citizens from all backgrounds and identities are included in Monaghan.

I would like to acknowledge the many organisations and community groups that are organising all the events taking place throughout Monaghan during the week. I would also invite the public to come out and attend events, and show their support for Social Inclusion Week”.

Speaking at the launch Robert Burns, Chief Executive of Monaghan County Council, said “Social Inclusion Week promotes the very positive  work which the service providers and community groups undertake to reduce discrimination, racism, poverty and social exclusion in Monaghan. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on the many challenges faced by vulnerable members of our communities. Social inclusion must be a priority in our communities in Monaghan and a responsibility for all.

Social Inclusion Week is a very important event on Monaghan County Council’s calendar and throughout the week there are many great events for people to attend. I am delighted to see that the number of events continues to increase this year and I would like to acknowledge the great work from all involved in the initiative”.

For a updates on Monaghan Social Inclusion Week 2023 please see Monaghan County Council’s social media accounts during the week of the programme.

Please find a full programme of events which will take place during Monaghan Social Inclusion Week 2023 below:  Monaghan Social Inclusion Week 2023 Schedule of Events


Notice of the County Monaghan Joint Policing Committee Public Meeting 2023





A public meeting of the County Monaghan Joint Policing Committee (JPC) will be held on Thursday, 23 November 2023, from 2pm to 4.30pm in the Rembrandt Suite, Hillgrove Hotel, Monaghan

To honour the United Nations’ global 16 Days of Activism Against Violence Against Women campaign, the theme of the public meeting will be ‘Improving Women’s Safety’.

The agenda will be:

  1. Presentation from An Garda Síochána – Protective Services for Keeping People Safe
  2. Presentation from Monaghan County Council – how Monaghan County Council is working to build safer communities for women in Monaghan
  3. Report from Monaghan PPN – Ideas from Women’s Safety Conference, for the consideration of the JPC
  4. Questions* and Suggestions from the Floor
  5. Any Other Business

Assistance will be available for those wishing to sign up to Monaghan Alerts.

Free personal alarm to every attendee.  Information Tables on the day.

The function of a JPC is to serve as a forum for consultations, discussions and recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the local authority’s administrative area. Members of the public have the right to make their views known and ask questions. Senior members of An Garda Síochána will be present on the evening to answer questions.

*If you wish to ask a question which requires a detailed response from the Gardai or Council, please submit your question in advance so that a full response can be prepared and will be available to you at the meeting. Questions can be forwarded, in writing, before Thursday, 16 November 2023, to Liz Brannigan, Senior Staff Officer, Corporate Services, Monaghan County Council, Glen Road, Monaghan or by email to lbrannigan@monaghancoco.ie  Alternatively you can call 047-30500.  Questions will be accepted from any person affected by the policing of the area.  Questions must be accompanied by a name, address and contact number.  These details will remain confidential.

Please note that the Joint Policing Committee may not consider matters relating to a specific criminal investigation or prosecution or matters relating to the security of the State.

Carmel O’Hare

Director of Services

07 November 2023

Public Alert: Drinking Water Restriction Localised Area Within Monaghan PWS which includes (Derry Rd, Armagh Rd. & Tullyhirm Townland)

Date of Drinking Water Restriction Notice:
24th October 2023

Due to elevated levels of manganese in a localised section of the Monaghan PWS network, the public
drinking water quality is considerably compromised and an immediate risk to your health.
As a result and following consultation with the Health Service Executive (HSE), Uisce Eireann are issuing
a Do Not Consume Notice with immediate effect to protect the health of consumers in this affected area
of the network. This Do Not Consume Notice will be hand delivered to all affected properties served by
the Monaghan PWS and as indicated in the red outlined area of the map attached.


Learn more here: DNC Localised Area in Monaghan PWS 24-10-2023

Monaghan’s Biodiversity Conference

Save the date : Saturday 18th November (FREE)

This event is a showcase of Monaghan’s biodiversity – come and hear about local projects and local issues from local speakers and find out how you can get involved in your local community! We will hear about the wonderful wetlands of Monaghan, the rewilding of our towns and villages, our work for pollinators and ongoing projects in Monaghan.   We will be launching our ‘Swift Report’ on the current state of swift populations in the county and there will be opportunities for you to contribute your thoughts and ideas for protecting and enhancing nature in Monaghan.  All washed down with some morning refreshments and a light lunch – come along and be part of the discussion, your voice needs to be heard!

Are you planning an electric future? New survey wants to hear your thoughts.

October 2023: Motorists and transport users across Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are invited to take part in a survey to analyse evolving attitudes to electric vehicles and explore what further supports may be needed to help meet government targets to decarbonise transport systems.

The survey has been developed and published by South West College in support of the FASTER Project which is currently installing new rapid charging stations for electric vehicles across Northern Ireland, Western Scotland and the Republic of Ireland (Border Region). The initiative has received €6.4 million EU INTERREG VA funding to further increase awareness of the sustainable options available to motorists and road users.

Match funding has been provided by the Department for Infrastructure (NI), Transport Scotland and the Department for Transport (Ireland).

The survey will be the final of three studies completed on behalf of the FASTER Project and results will be analysed in line with previous year findings to provide recommendations for future regional policy development.

Donal Monaghan, Project officer, who manages the behavioural change programme for the FASTER Project at South West College said:

“We are witnessing record increases in the number of electric vehicles being registered across the UK and Republic of Ireland in 2023, but despite this show of motorist confidence there is still a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt about the use and impact of electric vehicles.

The FASTER Project along with regional project stakeholders is continuing to develop mechanisms to ease concerns and this survey will help analyse behavioural patterns and changing attitudes as the initiative draws to a close at the end of December.”

The survey is available now at https://www.fasterevcharge.com/survey2023 and the closing date for submissions is Sunday 5th November 2023.



Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg Empowers Youth on World Mental Health Day

On Tuesday, October 10th, 2023, the Hillgrove Hotel in County Monaghan was abuzz with the voices of young people from across the county, who gathered for the Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg Annual General Meeting (AGM). The event saw the participation of up to 120 enthusiastic and engaged young individuals, coming together to discuss and address the critical issues affecting the youth of County Monaghan.

The AGM provided a unique platform for the members of Comhairle na nÓg to showcase their year-long efforts and engage in meaningful consultations on the most pressing concerns facing young people today. One highlight of this year’s AGM was the launch of their new booklet, ‘Pick me up when you are feeling down,’ a mental health booklet designed by and for the youth of County Monaghan.

Over the past year, Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg has passionately worked on the vital topic of Mental Health. This topic was democratically selected by the youth at their 2022 AGM, and the dedicated team set out to create a resource to support their peers. The chose to have their AGM on the 10th October as this coincided with World Mental Health Day and it was the perfect opportunity to launch their booklet.


Comhairle members collaborated throughout the year with key agencies such as the HSE’s Connecting for Life and Mental Health Services, Mental Health Ireland (Cavan & Monaghan) and the Monaghan Children & Young People’s Services Committee to compile the booklet. It prioritises self-care and wellbeing, offering mental health advice conceived by young people, for young people. Its purpose is to be a reliable companion during difficult times, offering tips to bolster mental health. Furthermore, it includes a comprehensive list of relevant services that young individuals can turn to when grappling with anxiety, stress, or low mood. The booklet was funded by Healthy Monaghan. Eve Harrison, Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg Development Officer said that ‘ It was a wonderful experience seeing our booklet blossom from an idea into a tangible booklet we could touch and disperse to young people around the county’.

Following extensive consultations with attendees at this year’s AGM, the young minds of Monaghan have decided that ‘Lack of Infrastructure’ will be the key issue to address in 2024, reflecting their commitment to making a positive impact on their community.

If you would like more information about Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg or wish to receive a copy of the ‘Pick me up when you are feeling down’ booklet, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Eve at eve@ywicm.ie.

Monaghan Comhairle na nÓg continues to be a beacon of hope and empowerment for the youth of County Monaghan, demonstrating their dedication to raising awareness about critical issues and creating valuable resources to support one another.

Public Consultation for Clones Marina

Developing a Vision for Clones Marina

In collaboration between Fáilte Ireland, Monaghan County Council and Waterways Ireland, a draft Vision Document has been prepared to present a collective vision for the future of Clones Marina, in the heart of County Monaghan.

This draft Vision for Clones Marina will benefit from further input from local residents, community groups, businesses and wider organisations. As such, there will be a public consultation on this Vision – starting from Friday 13th October and running until Thursday 26th October. This consultation will be held online, with a digital questionnaire accessible for public engagement at the link below:

Clones Marina Vision – Public Consultation (until Thursday 26th October 2023)

Within this consultation period, representatives from the team will be available for public engagement at the Creighton Hotel in the centre of Clones Town on Friday 20th October from 12pm until 6:30pm, and will be happy to discuss this draft Vision with any attendees. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this exciting opportunity for Clones and the wider region.