Celebrating National Tree Week – 20-26th March

To celebrate National Tree Week, which runs from 20-26th March, the Tree Council of Ireland have given us 300 saplings to distribute out to communities, to be planted in spaces where they will be enjoyed by the public (so, not in someone’s private garden!!). There is a mix of species on offer, shown below:

– red oak

– pedunculate oak

– silver birch

– common birch

– scots pine

– beech

– hazel

– rowan

– sycamore

Groups interested in availing of this offer should email clambe@monaghancoco.ie, stating the number and species of trees required.

Groups are asked to run an event to mark the planting of their tree(s) and to register their event on the National Tree Week website. https://www.treecouncil.ie/register-an-event

Trees will be allocated on a first come first served basis.