Communication Boards at Rossmore Park Playground

Monaghan County Council have installed Communication Boards at  two locations at Rossmore Park Playground in Monaghan.

The Park is located only two miles southwest of Monaghan Town and covers a large area of approximately six by three miles. Facilities include a spacious car park, toilets, picnic tables, on site coffee shop and a maps of the entire park and its trails. The playground and a Giant Sculpture Trail are also stand out attractions. Admission to the park is free.

Playgrounds are important to aid children’s physical and mental health. The Communication Boards will aid communication, increase socialisation and provide learning for all users of the facility.

To have the ability to communicate is a necessity for everyone and to be understood is essential. Monaghan County Council understands that for someone who communicates using alternatives to speech that supports are useful to enable communication with everyone.

The Council has installed communication boards at Rossmore Park Playground, in association with InterAcT (Accomplish & Thrive), Trinity College Dublin and Inclusion Ireland, and supported by Safe Care Technologies and the HSE.

The Council also wishes to acknowledge the cooperation received from Coillte for the installation of the boards at their Rossmore Park site.

Communication Boards are primarily a communications support, with particular benefit to children or adults who may not communicate using speech.

The Communication Boards, which include picture representations of day to day core words, as well as images that are specifically tailored for its environment and the location for which it is proposed, help bridge this communication gap for everyone.

The Communication Boards represent and offer a unique opportunity for the community to communicate and connect with each other in a new way.

Please find two helpful documents below for download –

  1. “Tips for Communication Boards” – How to use Communication Board Inclusion Ireland InterAcT
  2.  Communication Board Rossmore Park Playground Board

The copy of the board can be printed so that someone who uses alternative communication can become familiar with the signs before visiting the playground.

Monaghan County Council believes that the provision of the Communication Boards will make Rossmore Park a more inclusive destination and a more enjoyable experience for all visitors.

Monaghan County Council welcomes feedback on the Communication Boards. Please email your feedback to Barry Eaton at