Community Recognition Fund 2024

The funding is specifically targeted at projects that are located in communities, towns and villages that are hosting the Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection and/or International Protection Applicants (‘new arrivals’) including towns identified for the rapid build homes programme. The Fund aims to support the development of facilities that will be used in the future by all members of the community. It is separate in its objectives and scope to any other public funding streams which aim to support the development of public service needs arising from the significant number of arrivals from Ukraine and other countries.

The Community Recognition Fund was first introduced in 2023 to recognise the huge efforts made by communities in welcoming and supporting people coming to Ireland. Based on the continued impacts on communities throughout the country and the need to support these communities in welcoming new arrivals, a further €50 million is being provided under the Community Recognition Fund 2024.


Monaghan County Council has received an allocation of €914,972.

 We now seek to identify suitable projects and invite suggestions from the community regarding same.  

The proposal must demonstrate that the funding is targeted at, and specifically invested in, those communities, villages and towns where the highest level of new arrivals are located and where there is a clear need for investment identified.  In Monaghan the areas with the highest number of new arrivals from Ukraine and other countries are: Monaghan, Carrickmacross, Clones and Ballybay.


Projects situated in areas that do not have high levels of new arrivals will not be eligible for funding under the Community Recognition Fund 2024.

Projects to be funded will be capital in nature, deliver medium-long term benefits for the communities in which they are located, and be capable of being delivered over the course of 2025 and 2026. A minimum spend of 50% of the allocation must be incurred in 2025. Eligible projects will receive funding for capital costs, but not for any ongoing operational or running costs.


The minimum level of funding for an individual project is €50,000 with a maximum of €500,000 applying. Smaller projects cannot be artificially combined to meet the minimum threshold of €50,000 – while the 2023 scheme provided funding for small scale investment in clubs and communities (e.g. for small scale equipment), the focus of the 2024 scheme is on projects of greater scale and impact.

Local authorities have scope to invest the funding based on their own distinct local needs as identified through a “bottom-up” approach and based on the community engagement.


Type of projects eligible for funding are:

  • development, enhancement or refurbishment of community or cultural facilities including play areas, walkways, parks, community/sensory gardens, allotments, and recreational areas;
  • development, enhancement or refurbishment of local club and sports facilities including facilities such as community swimming pools, changing rooms, toilets, digital aids such as score / information boards etc.;
  • enhancement to school/parish facilities which are open to use by all of the community after school hours;
  • purchase of equipment for local clubs, festivals, community events and organisations e.g. music, arts or sports equipment;
  • transport infrastructure such as the purchase of community vehicles, bus shelters and attendant information boards; (any vehicle funded must be in good condition and not more than 5 years old)
  • projects that help address dereliction and/or wider local economic and community development objectives;
  • purchase and refurbishment of vacant or derelict buildings for community use where a clear need is identified.
  • Purchase of land and associated works for the development of community facilities such as play areas/ MUGAs or town parks/ community gardens, recreational areas etc. (purchases must only be administered by the local authority).


Application Process

  • The funding allocation will be a competitive process, groups should endeavour to provide as much information as possible and to answer all parts of the application form fully.
  • Only towns & villages that are hosting high levels of the Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection or International Protection Applicants are eligible for this funding.
  • Ensure accurate costings at application stage.
  • Projects must be able to be completed within the required timeframe.

Applications now closed.

  • Projects should be shovel ready with all permissions in place or at an advanced stage at the time of funding approval. 50% of project costs must be incurred in 2025 with the project completed in full by October 2026. 
  • All submissions are subject to the Data Protection Act (as amended) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (as amended) and the Freedom of Information Act 2014 (as amended).
  • Completed applications need to be emailed in WORD format to by 4.00 p.m. on Wednesday 1st May 2024.


Information Sessions

As part of the process, the Council’s Rural and Community Development & Municipal District Staff will be liaising with and available to meet with community groups in host communities to assist them in identifying projects that might be eligible for funding under the Scheme.

Information Sessions will be held on the following dates:

  • Clones – Monday 15th April 2024 from 4.30 p.m. until 6.30 p.m. in the offices of the Municipal District of Ballybay/Clones, The Diamond, Clones
  • Carrickmacross – Tuesday 16th April 2024 from 6.00 p.m. until 8.00 p.m. in the offices of the Municipal District of Carrickmacross/Castleblayney, Riverside Road, Carrickmacross
  • Monaghan – Wednesday 17h April 2024 from 5.00 p.m. until 7.00 p.m. in the Market House, Market Street, Monaghan
  • Ballybay – Thursday 18th April 2024 from 6.30 p.m. until 8.30 p.m. in the Board Room, Ballybay Youth Centre, Birch Court, Ballybay


Please ensure that you have fully completed the application form before submitting.

All Expressions of Interest applications should be received no later than 4.00 p.m. on Wednesday 1st May 2024 by email to

Late application’s will not be considered after the closing date.