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Welcome to The Children’s Library

In each of our 5 Libraries as well as on our School Mobile Library Service you will find a whole range of wonderful books, from Bedtime Stories to History Books to help with Homework and everything in between.

You will notice that when you pick up a book it may have a Coloured Circle on the side of the book. If it has then it is a Story Book or what’s also known as a ‘Fiction Book’. Children’s Guide to the Library (Adobe PDF, 821kb)

We use the Coloured Circles to help you pick a book that is suitable for your age. Check out the different Age Groups and Colours below…

Juv Orange My First Colours
Juv Orange My First Numbers
Juv Orange My-First-Abc
 Lost and Found
Songbirds Phonics
The Gruffalo
Dirty Bertie
Rainbow Magic
The Sheep Pig
David Walliams
Jacqueline Wilson
Roald Dahl
An Phleist Mhór
Mo Chéad Leabhar
Tomhais Méid Mo Ghrá Duit
Young AdultShiver The Fault in our Stars The Recruit


Exploring the world of Facts!
If it’s help with homework or just some interesting facts that you are looking for then have a browse through our ‘Non-Fiction’ Section. This is divided up in to a range of topics such as Art, Agriculture, Hobbies, History, Geography, Science, Nature, Sport and Technology. For a full listing of all of the Subjects on offer download the ‘Children’s Guide to the Library (Adobe PDF, 821kb) where you will find all the information you need.

Below are a selection of recommended books from the non-fiction section:

Usborne Book Of Art Ideas
Earth Matters
Easter Rising
 365 Things to do
Mysteries and Marvels of Science
Luis Suarez

Something Fun (and Educational)


Oxford Reading Tree

Oxford Reading Tree Owl

The Usborne Foundation


Ladybird Books – Things to Do