The brilliant world of Tom Gates

The brilliant world of Tom Gates!
Review for The brilliant world of Tom Gates!

This book is about a boy named Tom Gates that likes to draw. He has a friend called Derek, a sister called Delia who he explains is very grumpy! He loves caramel wafers too. There is a boy at school that is very annoying and a teacher Mrs Worthington who he says has a moustache! He likes to draw pictures and think of ways to annoy Delia. He often gets in trouble at school and Marcus always mocks him for It! It is an ok book with lots of ideas for drawing or doodling and very funny too. My favourite character is Tom. My favourite part is when he opens his lunch made my his granny Mavis and finds out she packed him a pizza shaped like his face with olive , cheese, tomatoes and…….
…BANANA! I would give it a 3 out of 5 ☆☆☆

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Liz Pishon
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